Cello Novelty Large Storage Cupboard with 4 Shelves

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  • Product Dimensions: Length (61 cm), Width (38 cm), Height (180.3 cm)
  • Primary Material: polypropylene
  • Care Instructions: To Protect Furniture from Fading, Avoid Keeping Furniture Next to Windows and Other Places Where it can be Exposed to Direct Sunlight
  • Contemporary & Modern Style
  • Style: Modern
  • Multiple shelves for storage
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Assembly Required: The product requires basic assembly and comes with assembly instructions
  • Great finish and amazing design. Elegant, versatile and durable plastic moulded storage cabinet. It can be easily assembled and dismantled
  • It is compact, strong and sturdy, requires minimum maintenance and multipurpose storage solution


This storage cabinet is sure to become a must have for the kids. You can store within it, toys, books or even clothes. Its towering structure is sure to add a touch of colour to any wall area making this modern cabinet a must have. It comes with double door and comes with 4 inner shelfs that has ample storage space within to store in all the essentials.

Cello is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of plastic consumer products. Whether it is to provide you ease and convenience with our household products or helping you to effectively solve any storage problem with our storage cabinets. Cello Storage Cabinets are available in different sizes and colors so that you can choose what suits your requirement.

Cello brings to you durable freestanding storage cupboard to store toys, books or even clothes. Create a clean, tidy and more attractive space with Cello Novelty Large Cupboard. Perfect for keeping your room clutter free.

Cello Novelty Large Cupboard comes with 4 shelves that can be rearranged with ease to suit your specific needs. These shelves can be easily assembled or disassembled as per your requirement. Simply adjust the position of the shelves to store tall items on one level and shorter items on another.

Achieve the perfect storage configuration in your room with Cello Novelty Large Cupboards. These cupboards from Cello also provides you with sense of security as you can even lock this Novelty Large Cupboard to prevent theft or limit access to its contents, giving you peace of mind.

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