Stainless steel cloth drying stand Price: 2,099.00 (as of 01/10/2020 05:03 PST- Details)


  • Design and unique feature: 100 % Stainless Steel including Screws and Fasteners making it rust and corrosion free
  • All-weather resistant: Built from high-grade, 202 Stainless steel and precision-engineered HDPE components to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. Designed for use in all climates and weather conditions
  • Usage and space: Easy to use and foldable lightweight and easy to open and close for use can be used both indoors and outdoors, accordion design folds flat for easy storage on your small area
  • Cloth stand has 5.5 feet of drying space for drying lots of clothes at once
  • Height : 3 feet.
  • Advantage and setting up: Suitable for clothes need to lay flat to dry features a top shelf for sweaters or other flat-drying items
  • Sturdy and lightweight: Ideal for every home as this cloth dryer rack can hold a huge load of clothes on multiple rods and best of breed for balcony use also



Foldable and saving space
LiMetro’s Stainless steel cloth drying stand is foldable for easy storage in the corner of your closet, bedroom, living room, or laundry area. With a compact design, it saves your living space.

Robust Stainless Steel Frame
The stable structure provides a large drying area and years of convenience. Save your time, energy, electricity, and money on laundry.

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